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Who Are We
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Who We Are

One Rhythm is a premiere dance competition and convention company in our 10th season of producing dance events all over the US.  With many choices in dance events these days we feel very thankful when you choose us!  We aim to provide dance families an affordable competition/convention experience.  Please reach out for our pricing sheet.  We keep our pricing a bit more affordable and offer many incentives to studios interested in attending our events. 


We understand that all studios are built and ran differently.  Some are small & new and are geared to an intermediate level......and some have been around for decades with hundreds of students dancing like they are already on Broadway.  Let's work together to ensure that your dancers feel seen and end the weekend inspired and full of passion to continue training.  We offer two levels of competition and give out many fun awards!  Plain and simple, we have a good time!


We also respect your time, and your dancers school schedules, and refuse to run ridiculously long hours.

If you would like us to come to your city or a nearby city please reach out with dates that work for you and locations that you love!  We aim to build WITH studio owners to create the perfect events geared specifically to your needs. 


We offer an all hip hop convention called 1RX, a solo only competition, a full competition only event and our favorite the 3 day convention/competition combo experience!  Our west coast dates are out!  East coast we are busy building the schedule now. 

Our judges and faculty are highly qualified and well versed in all styles of dance.  We understand the difference between clogging and tap and popping and locking!  A little humor for your day. 


Let's dance together this season!

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